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soldiers from across fort benning compete in the maneuver center of excellence post combatives tournament held may at smith physical fitness center. photo by sue ulibarri 2011 07 26 ranger hall of fame banquet. photos by patrick albright 20110725 ranger rendezvous. photos by patrick albright. 2012 01 11 75th ranger regiment change of responsibility ceremony. photos by patrick albright. 2012 01 12 farewell for wo2 ssm wayne g. ruddick. photos by patrick albright. 2012 international sniper competition 2012 oktoberfest 20120210 quinn visit. photos by patrick albright. 2013 at fort benning. photo by ashley crossmcoe pao photographer 2013 best ranger competition 2013 spring eggstravaganza 2013 support contractor of the year 2014 at the benning club. photos by patrick a. albrightmcoe pao photographer 2014 international sniper awards ceremony 2014 international sniper competition 2014 maneuver warfighter conference 2014 sullivan cup 2014 u.s. army soldier show 2015 best ranger competition 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parachute infantry regiment 50m 50th infantry regiment 50th infantry regiment battalion commander 50th infantry regiment headquarters 515 cav. 515th cavalry squadron 51st chief of armor 54th infantry regiment 54th infantry regiment change of command ceremony 54th infantry regimentcommand sgt. maj. michael s. onstine 555th parachute infantry battalion 58th infantry regiment 5th annual doughboy bowl 5th grade 5th rtb 61mm 69th armor regiment 7236th medical support unit 75t 75th anniversary 75th ranger regiment 75th ranger regiment 30th anniversary 75th ranger regiment distinguished service cross ceremony 75th ranger regiment patrick albright fort benning rangers 75th ranger regiment run for the fallen. photos by patrick albright 75th rangers 75th rr 76th national airborne day 1507th ramp jump 789th eod 789th explosive ordnance disposal 7th annual doughboy bowl 7th cavalry regiment 8.1 mile foot march 81 and 120mm mortars 81mm 81mm mortar tube 81st armor regiment 81st armor regiment 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and ranger training brigade change of responsibility airborne community airborne jump airborne school airborne towers airborne uh60 airport ait aj mcclung memorial stadium al whitney alabama fire college alan hummel albright albright. alpha company alsumaiti alvin townley amata radewagen ambassador carey cavanaugh ambassador neumann ambassador robert m. kimmitt american flag american indian heritage american indian heritage month american red cross american thanksgiving dinner amu amu gun challenge krilling range amu marksmanship gun challenge and cavalry and headquarters company mcoe and local and young ann campbel ann campbell annual annual airborne awards festival memorial wreath laying ceremony annual columbus veterans day parade annual holiday concert annual international sniper competition annual mcoe volunteer recognition ceremony annual oktoberfest annual retiree appreciation day annual tree and menorrah lighting annual veterans day parade anzac anzac dawn day service anzac day 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col. marie a. dominguez col. marie a. dominguez col andrew c. hilmes col. michael rauhut col. michael w. rauhut col. michail huerter col. michail s. huerter col. p leopoldo a. quintas col. p michaelene a. kloster col. patrick j. donahoe col. paul j. laughlin col. paula c. lodi col. r david moore col. r ralph puckett jr col. richard e. cleveland col. robert e. choppa col. robert f. alvaro col. robert fouche col. robert j. botters jr. col. schaefer col. scott b. avery col. scott d. king col. scott king col. scott t. allen col. snodgrass col. stephen thomas col. streeter col. thigpen col. thomas j. siebold col. thomas m. feltey col. timothy davis col. timothy e. lamb col. william butler col. william j. greenwood cold bore shoot college college and employer fair colombia colombian army colombian army brig. gen. francisco cruz colombian army brig. gen. jorge suarez colonel colonel chris r. willis colonel clinton w. cox colonel cory costello colonel david g. fivecoat colonel david s. davidson colonel douglas g. vincent colonel ed house colonel freeman colonel jacqueline l. emanuel colonel john p. carson iv colonel kelly d. kendrick colonel kyle e. lear colonel marie a. dominquez colonel michail s. huerter colonel patrick j. donahoe colonel paula c. lodi colonel rachel smith colonel rob choppa colonel scott b. avery colonel steve mccorkle colonel william j. carty colonel william l. thigpen colonel wright color casing ceremony color guard columbia university columbian ambassador columbus columbus 2025 columbus aquatic center columbus area library association awards columbus convention and trade center columbus cottonmouths columbus fire and rescue columbus fort benning holocaust days of remembrance ceremony national infantry museum patrick a. albright columbus ga columbus ga photography columbus georgia columbus ironworks and trade convention center columbus lions columbus mayor columbus patrick a. albright columbus police columbus police department columbus rotary columbus rotary club columbus salutes the centennial columbus state columbus state university columbus state university cougars columbus state university rotc cadets columbus tech columbus technical college combat leader speaker program combat lecture series combat pistol event combat speaker leader series combat water survival assessment combatant command combatives combatives change of command. photos by patrick albright. combatives school combined arms combined arms center combined arms livefire exercise combined competitive maneuver exercise combined special operations forces captains career course combined training exercise command command ig command leadership speakers program command sergeant major command sergeant major alan k. hummel command sergeant major basil l. plumley command sergeant major david j. muhlenbeck command sergeant major donald r. robertson command sergeant major john a. brady command sergeant major john s. woods command sergeant major martin s. celestine command sergeant major michael d. sanchez command sergeant major of the 2nd squadron command sergeant major of the maneuver center excellence command sergeant major r dennis e. webster command sergeant major richard sullivan iii command sergeant major roberto h. alvarez command sergeant major roy s. dyer command sergeant major shannon l. adkins march 7 command sergeant major steven f. ziebarth command sergeant major steven q. farr command sergeant major timothy l. metheny command sergeant major wilbert engram command sergeant major william d. wilson command sgt. maj. command sgt. maj. alan k. hummel command sgt. maj. brian d. harrison command sgt. maj. carabello command sgt. maj. curtis h. arnold jr command sgt. maj. jaime a. corrales 2nd battalion command sgt. maj. james c. coroy command sgt. maj. james carabello command sgt. maj. james carabellow command sgt. maj. jeremiah e. inman command sgt. maj. jimmy carabello command sgt. maj. john s. woodson command sgt. maj. joseph mejia command sgt. maj. michael d. green command sgt. maj. michael f. evans command sgt. maj. michael p. catterton command sgt. maj. michael s. clemens command sgt. maj. miles s. wilson command sgt. maj. moore command sgt. maj. ret. bennie adkins command sgt. maj. retired william j. gainey command sgt. maj. scott a. brzak command sgt. maj. shawn g. cook command sgt. maj. steven a. hatton command sgt. maj. steven w. mcclaflin command sgt. maj. sullivan command sgt. maj. timothy a. guden command sgt. maj. timothy guden command sgt. maj. timothy l. metheny command sgt. maj. walter puckett command sgt. maj. william d. hain command sgt. maj. william j. gainey command sgt. major wilson commandant commandant of the u.s. army armor school commandants and directors of training conference commander commander of the maneuver center excellence commanding general commanding general of the maneuver center excellence commanding general of the u.s. army commanding general of the u.s. army training and doctrine command commandinggeneralchangeofcommandceremony communication equipment community leaders community reception competition complex complex terrain training complex urban environment comprehensive soldier and family fitness resilience training concert on the lawn concord range conference conference of american armies conferences confidence course confined space congressional staff delegation congressman sanford bishop congressman sanford d. bishop congressman steve russell conservation construction consul general of the federal republic germany to atlanta cooke conference room coolidge range cor corps of engineers cougars council on foreign relations council on foreign relations lunch course coursen range courson range couterpart visit couture cpt brian brennan cpt cronin cpt john strickland cpt ken woods cpt. eric irwin cpt. kristen griest crew chief cross creek high school crossdomain maneuver csa csc scholarship awards csf2 resilience training csh csm alan k. hummel csm 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two speakers dds center deactivation ceremony deal december dedication defense acquisition university defense advanced research projects agency delta company demo demo 1 demolition of soldiers plaza demolitions test demonstration demooct 1 2010 dempsey dentac dentac change of command departure ceremony deployment ceremony deputy commandant usaarms deputy commanding general deputy director army capabilities integration center deputy garrison chaplain derby derby auditorium derby auditorium patrick a. albrightmcoe pao photographer derby auditorium. derby auditory detlev runger detlev rünger dexter elementary school dfmwr dhs digital multi purpose range complex digital multipurpose range complex dimarco dinner dinner iho afghanistan sgm dinner iho bg hageman dinner iho bg illingworth dinner iho mg lee dinner iho mg ross e. ridge dinner iho qatari army direct lay discipulus validus discontinuation ceremony dismounted movement distinguished honorary members dmob dmprc dmprc patrick a. albright dod fire department of the year dodge ball dodgeball tournament don sando donald sando donovan research library dorchester double doughboy doughboy and gold medallion award ceremony doughboy bow doughboy bowl iii doughboy football doughboy stadium doughboydinner downing obstacle course dr. amy smithson dr. arati prabhakar dr. brian m. linn dr. carter malkasian dr. dan marsten dr. dana eyre dr. dave johnson dr. david ucko dr. gary klein dr. hamdullah mohib dr. martin luther king dr. martin luther king jr. commemoration dr. robert egnell dr. steve gillon dr. timothy mescon dr. ursula von der leyen dragoon for life drill sergeant drmo compound dsc2 dsc3 dsc4 dsc5 dsc6 dsoy dsoy' dubois duplicity e company ea white eagle tower earnyourcake ebci edsc education center education fair education symposium lunch educator group edwin perez efmb efmp eglin afb eib eic eight individuals eightwheeled stryker eldp elizabeth samet email emergency management services emergency services employers endangered species engineer field engineer landing english range enlisted sailors in u.s. navy history. environment environmental management eric fanning ericka luzehudson erosion control eubank field eubanks field event excellence excellence breakfast exceptional family member program executive leadership development program exercise exercises exercising exhibit dedication experience expert field medical badge expert field medical badge ceremony expert infantryman badge explosives facility faith faith leader's reception faith middle school faith middle school and chorus falcons fall hiring expo fallen ranger fallen rangers families family advocacy program family advocacy program safety fair farewell farewell ceremony farewell ceremony iho csm guden farewell dinner farewell social father's day fathers fbat fbtv february fed ex federal republic of germany fedex felices female graduates fenty fenty auditorium fenty classroom fenty hall ferrell gas ferrellgas ferriter fiddler's green fiddlers green field day field of four chaplains field training exercise fifty twoperson teams of rangerqualified soldiers final charge fire fire department of the year fire station 3 firefighter fireworks first gender integrated class fish fishing fiske range fitness center florida florida institute of technology flowery branch follow me statue followme trail fons foot march and more football for brigadier general scott mckean force protection forces command forces command commanding general foreign foreign liaison officer foreign liaison officer staff visit foreign nations forests fort fort bening fort benning fort benning aerial fort benning army education center graduation celebration ceremony fort benning army wellness center fort benning army wellness center grand opening fort benning campaign plan fort benning cemetery fort benning centennial celebration kickoff fort benning conference center fort benning criminal investigation division fort benning doughboys fort benning 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foundation conference room four chaplains fox sport foxsports françois delattre freedom hall freedom shrine freefall french ambassador french cavalry school fries fries and spies fryar drop zone fryar field drop zone ft ft benning ft. ft. benning ft. benning fire ft. benning golf ft. benning imso ft. benning mps ft. fort benning infantry us usa army john helms johndh ft. fort benning infantry us usa army john helms johndhelms mcoe ftx full sail university fury the movie future battlefield annual talks future environment future operational environment fxt g3 ga ga lt. col. duane patin 2nd battalion ga maj. gen. donald rutherford ga mg wesley ga retirement ceremony for msg pentz ga tech ga the command sgt. maj. william j. joe gainey cup scout competition ga. maj. gen. h. r. mcmaster ga. photo by john d. helms gafbmp gainey cup gainey cup scout competition gal gallipoli peninsula galloway range games garner field garnet garrison garrison change of responsibility garrison command united states army georgia fort benning garrison commander garrison hhc gary gary brito gary sinise gen colin powell gen cone col. choppa gen daniel b. allyn gen david g. perkins gen john f. campbell gen juan miguel fuentealba problete gen mark a. milley gen raymond odierno gen wallace gen. allyn gen. burba gen. creighton abrams gen. david d. mckiernan gen. david perkins gen. david. g. perkins gen. eric j. wesley gen. fred franks gen. jay hendrix gen. lloyd j. austin gen. lloyd j. austin iii gen. omar bradley gen. r david bramlett gen. r fred franks jr gen. r fred franks jr. gen. r william w. hartzog gen. raymond t. odierno gen. robert b. abrams gen. ryacudu gen.r fred franks jr. gencaseyvisits198th gencaseyvisitsfortbenning gencaseyvisittofortbenning gene wyles general general dalbirsingh general david g. perkins general jeanpierre bosser general jeanpierre bosser clarke simulation center general john f. campbell general john f. campbell 34th vice chief of staff general r john abizaid general rashad mahmood general robert b. abrams georgia georgia search and resuce team 4a georgia. the david e. grange jr. best ranger competition georgiamuscogee county german german armed forces badge for military proficiency german armed forces proficiency badge german army german army chief of staff german army infantry training center commandant german army liaison officer german dep. counsul general mr. thomas wulfing german italian german italian memorial service cemetary german liaison 50th anniversary commemoration german lno staff photo german unity celebration germanitalian germanitalian memorial day ceremony germanitalian memorial day ceremony nov. 15 germany ghillie suits gift exchange global war on terrorism goarmy goblins gold gold star dads gold star families gold star family gold star monthers day brunch gold star mother's day brunch gold star mothers gold star mothers day gold star spouses brunch golden knights golden spike goldstar golf course golf outing golf scramble good grief camp balloon release good hope training area governor grad graduation graduation. grady snell grand openingribbon cutting grange graveside service greatgrandson groundbreaking ceremony groundbreaking ceremony of mcbride elementary school group group photo gti guest speaker guest speaker colr ralph puckett. bldg 35 gun gustav gym h. r. mcmaster haight hall hall of heroes hall of heroes ceremony hall of heroes photo mounting ceremony hallowed grounds halo handson hank greenberg hardaway hardaway high hardy harmony church headquarters headquarters company health of the force assessment heat heavy weapons leaders course heindl armed forces reserve center helicopter helms helocast help the 'hooch henry caro henry caro non commissioined officer hercules heritage hall heritage room hershel walker hhc hibbs range high mobility multipurpose wheeled vehicle high museum of art highline rescue certification class hike hiking hires hiring expo hispanic heritage month historic historic buildings historic riverside hmmwv holiday holiday block leave holiday reception holocaust holocaust days of remembrance holocaust remembrance day home of champions home opener horse hospital host family sponsors hosts the global war on terrorism memorial dedication hotex house house of heroes houses housing howard hollis bo callaway humvee push hunter army airfield hurley hill hurricane hwsa ibar ibolc ibolic ice breaker icebreaker ie830 ii iii il967 ilap ile imcom imcomdpw img improved target acquisition system ims and sponsor interactive discussion ims and sponsor luncheon imso imso class 214 in alc inactivation inactivation ceremony independence independence celebration independence day celebration indianhead child development center indianhead child development center luau celebration indianhead community center individual indonesian minister of defence indonesian minister of defense industry day inf infantry infantry and armor basic leader infantry bar infantry basic officer leadership course infantry chapel infantry commandant infantry officers basic leader course infantry one station unit training infantry school infantry school commandant infantry warfighting conference infantryofficerbasiccourse infantrywarfightingconference inouye inouye field inouye parade field inspired leadership installation installation management command installation retirement ceremony instructor badge instructor leader assessment program integrated ftx integration interactive luncheon discussion interagency panel on iamilitary partnership international militaries international military students international sniper international sniper competition interservice interservicepistol iobc iraqi pmr iron jag award iron mike iron mikeintel brief isaiah hugley israel defense force israeli defense forces israeli delegation israeli military issf istd company italian italian infantry school commander itas iwc j jacks 19th hole jacob jacob soborof jag james c. hardy james dillard james e. williams james r. dillard james warren griffith jamie warner jan january jared jared n. van aalst jblf jdh jeff weiss jill carlson jim blanchard leadership forum jm412 job fair jody harmon joe galloway joe lynch joe papapietro joel john d helms john d. helms john helms johndhelms joint base san antoniofort sam houston joint fire week joint ftx jones jonnie melillo clasen jordanian armed forces joseph j. sadowski josh koscheck jr jr. jr. elementary school jrotc jrotc cadets jrtoc jt507 jtmp juan carlos pinzon july jump week jumpmaster june junior junior air rifle junior shooters k9 k9 training kanell field kannell field katie mcmaster kefurt gym kellie abernethy kelsea ballerini kennel master sgt. first class james allred kenny stewart kerri pomarolli kestner edens kfor 22 task force medical khalid ali kool and the gang korea day korean delegation lunch korengal valley kosh sadat kosovo kouma dinning facility krilling range kristian ogden kristin molinaro kristina kuwait kyle lacerda lacerda cup lagrange college lance cornett land land management land navigation landmark landmarks landscape laughlin lawson lawson army airfield lawson army airfield. layout lbgt pride month ldp leader field leader professional development leaders leadership institute lebanese students lee lee field legion of honor legion of merit medal len dyer lethality liaison liaison officer reception liberation liberty jump team libra recognition award lieberman lieutenant lieutenant colonel dennis r. atkins iii lieutenant colonel harold g. moore lieutenant colonel jeffrey o. paine lieutenant colonel john lieutenant colonel john p. carson iv lieutenant colonel kevin w. parker lieutenant colonel mark d. brown lieutenant colonel oscar f. diano lieutenant colonel scott r. masson lieutenant colonel thomas k. harland lieutenant general ferriter lieutenant general john m. murray lieutenant general mahmoud freihat lieutenant governor of georgia lightweight modular causeway system excursion linda odierno linn lion focus live fire live fire training live fire training exercise live fires live stalk live tank night fire living lmcs lno logan lerman london games long long hall longleaf pine lori egan loyd elementary school lrc lt gen jeh seung yoo lt gen. james helmly lt. col christopher c. bresko lt. col hathaway mg miller lt. col johnston lt. col matthew p. neumeyer lt. col matthew scalia lt. col michael j. fazio lt. col. andrew w. koloski lt. col. bryan k. sizemore lt. col. daniel austin lt. col. daniel c. enslen lt. col. darren k. jennings lt. col. dawson l. plummer lt. col. duane m. patin lt. col. franklin f. baltazar lt. col. franz l. rademacher lt. col. james g. alexander lt. col. jeffrey j. barta lt. col. john a. mclaughlin lt. col. joseph h. albrecht lt. col. joseph i. pierce lt. col. joseph s. booker lt. col. keith w. wilson lt. col. kyle e. feger lt. col. m.l. muller lt. col. mark c. andres lt. col. mark e. huhtanen lt. col. mark huhtanen lt. col. michael ahern lt. col. michael j. birmingham lt. col. ret william p. duke lt. col. ruben martinez lt. col. ruzicka lt. col. sheldon a. morris lt. col. thomas j. siebold was the reviewing officer lt. col. tom harland lt. col. travis campbell lt. col. veronica a. kouassi lt. gen. david d. halverson lt. gen. david e. grange jr. lt. gen. david g. perkins lt. gen. dumitru scarlet lt. gen. halverson lt. gen. jeffrey w. talley lt. gen. keith walker lt. gen. michael d. lundy lt. gen. michael ferriter lt. gen. peter j. devlin lt. gen. rolando j. bautista lt. gen. thomas metz u.s. army retired lt. yonina e. creditor ltc ltc alisa r. wilma ltc allen d. leth ltc allen leth ltc andre l. mackey ltc anthony i. bailey ltc barbara r. ousby ltc bergmann ltc brannon ltc brian mcdonald ltc brown ltc bryan j. walrath ltc bryan k. sizemore ltc daniel a. leach ltc daniel j. vogel ltc darren k. jennings ltc david c. welch ltc david m. conner ltc dawson a. plummer ltc dawson plummer ltc dennis r. atkins iii ltc edmund m. riely ltc franklin f. baltazar ltc franz l. rademacher ltc fred w. tanner ltc geoffrey norman ltc guy wallis ltc halstead ltc huhtanen col cushing patrick a. albright ltc j. cale brown ltc jackson j. seims ltc james a. zanella ltc james e. hayes ltc james g. pangelinan ltc jayson h. putnam ltc jeff d. mccoy ltc jeffrey bryson ltc jeffrey s. crapo ltc john m. grantz ltc joseph j. fenty ltc joseph s. brannon ltc joseph w. ruzicka ltc keith w. wilson ltc kevin a. poole ltc kevin j. butler ltc korey brown ltc korey e. brown ltc lawrence j. baker jr. ltc leth ltc mabry ltc margery m. hanfelt ltc mark r. read ltc massimiliano bar ltc masson ltc matthew f. gooding ltc matthew p. neumeyer ltc matthew scalia ltc matthew w. weber ltc michael j. birmingham ltc michael j. fazio ltc neumeyer ltc oscar diano ltc philippe testart ltc r lechner ltc r marcone ltc r william m. bewley ltc r.elaine freeman ltc randolph m. morgan ltc scott r. masson ltc shawn p. underwood ltc stuart a. kidder ltc sylvester o. wegwu ltc thomas j. sager ltc thomas k harland ltc thomas k. harland ltc thomas m. nelson ltc wayne n. pickett ltc william a. kahmann ltc. r. elaine freeman ltg bruno kasdorf ltg carmen cavezza ltg david g. perkins ltg h.r. mcmaster ltg hernando dca iriberri ltg kevin w. mangum ltg michael d. lundy ltg michael k. nagata ltg r francis h. kearney ltg r freakley ltg r robert f. foley ltg r thomas stafford ltg ret joe kinzer ltg robert abrams ltg sarwardy ltg scott miller ltg valcourt ltgr ronald burgess luis perez lumbee tribe of north carolina lumpkin center lunch and learn lunch iho m. poole m.g. austin s.miller m.g. mcmaster m.g. miller m.g. scott miller m1 abrams m1 abrams tank system maintainer m1 armor crewman m1126 icv m1127 rv m1128 mgs and m1134 atgm m1a2 m240b m249 squad automatic weapon m320 grenade launcher m4 carbine m4 qualification m551 sheridan tank memorial dedication m88a2 mach mack mattingly macp mccc maertan range mag. gen. h.r. mcmaster main post main post cemetery main post chapel main px maj anthony robinson maj dexter a. mons maj jason bohannon maj. corrado carpentieri maj. daniel landrum maj. gen. maj. gen. austin s.miller maj. gen. charles a. flynn maj. gen. david l. grange maj. gen. eric j. maj. gen. eric j. wesley maj. gen. eric j. wesley commanding general of the maneuver center excellence maj. gen. gary brito maj. gen. gary brito commanding general maj. gen. gary m. brito maj. gen. gary m.brito maj. gen. gokturk gokbayrak maj. gen. h. r. mcmaster maj. gen. h. r. mcmaster united arab emirates maj. gen. h.r. mcmaster maj. gen. james e. rainey maj. gen. james m. richardson maj. gen. james rainey maj. gen. kim geong bai maj. gen. michael e. kurilla maj. gen. mustion maj. gen. robert dyess maj. gen. sayed mohammad roshandil maj. gen. scott miller maj. gen. stephen r. lanza maj. gen. timothy p. mcguire maj. hathaway maj. johnston maj. r william spies maj.gen. scott miller major general abid rafique major general eric j. wesley major general h. r. 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speakers and vendors maneuver conference dinnerdoughboy and gold medallion award ceremony maneuver conference ice breaker maneuver precommand course maneuver robotics and autonomous systems live fire demonstration maneuver warfighter maneuver warfighter conference manuever warfighter conference marc s. gauthier march 14 march 18 march 2 march 21 and 22 margie ferriter marine corps detachment marines mark a. milley markeith markeith horace markieth horace markieth horrace marksmanship marksmanship competition marksmanship qualification marshal auditorium marshall marshall a marshall auditorium marshall auditorium. marshall hall martin army community hospital martin army hospital martin luther king marywhitney whittaker mascal mason mason giove mass casualty training mass promotion ceremony massing of colors master combatives instructors master sgt. josh gavulic material recovery max boot max wood may 01 may 19 may 20 may 21 may 5 mayor mayor of columbus mayor teresa pike tomlinson mayor teresa tomlinson mcbride elementary mcbride elementary school mccaffrey mccard hall mccarthy hall mccc mccc 210 mccc 214 mccc 216 formal reception mccc 514 formal reception mccc 614 formal reception mccc reception mccc reception class 314 mccc reception class 414 mcccimso mcccwhinsec mccsc mcginnis wickam hall mcginniswickam mcginniswickam hall mcginniswickam hall. mcginniswickham hall mcgraw mckenna mckenna military operations and urban training site mcmaster mcmaster slideshow mcoe mcoe band mcoe best warrior mcoe combatives championship mcoe commanding general mcoe commanding general change of command mcoe csm change of responsibility ceremony mcoe fort benning mcoe ft. fort benning infantry us usa army mcoe ft. fort benning infantry us usa army john helms j mcoe ft. fort benning infantry us usa army john helms johndhelms mcoe installation retirement ceremony mcoe international reception mcoe lpd mcoe pao photographer mcoe mcoe photographer mcoe recognition of excellence breakfast mcoe retirement ceremony mcoe senior leader conference mcoeformalreceptionclass30 mdh medal medal of honor medal of honor recipient medals medic meeting megan garcia memorial memorial day memorial day ceremony memorial day wreath laying at osut graduation memorial day wreath laying ceremony menorah menorah and christmas tree lighting ceremony mens mercedes benz stadium meritage merrill's marauders merrills marauders merrills platoon patch ceremony merritt mexican military doctrine development visit mexico mg ahmed elmoataz mg austin s.miller mg brito mg emanuel sakel mg eric j. wesley mg eric wesley mg ferriter mg h.r. mcmaster mg lee mg loeffke mg mcmaster mg miller mg miller's leadership day mg mohammad sharif yaftali mg r craig whelden mg ret bernard loeffke mg scott miller mg wesley mg yaftali mgferriter michael janowski michael peña midland middle school mike burns military military appreciation breakfast military appreciation day military appreciation night military beneficiaries military ft ft. fort benning ga usa us usarmy army goarmy mcoe r military ft ft. fort benning ga usa us usarmy army goarmy mcoe ranger johndhelms military job fair military month of the child military officers association of america military police military spouse appreciation military working dog military working dogs militaryftftfortbenninggausaususarmyarmygoarmymcoer militaryftftfortbenninggausaususarmyarmygoarmymcoerangergoarmycomarmycomjohndhelms milton l. olive iii milwaukee wisconsin mine resistant ambush protected mini mall harmony church col. king minnie wimbush mlk commemorative service mloc moaa mobile mogadishu mogadishu project monthly monthly retirement monthly retirement ceremony monthly retirment ceremony monument monument dedication morale mortar mortar livefire mortar teams mortar tube most decorated motyh mountain lions movement control team mp mpcc 814 mr. alonzo m. stewart mr. ben f. williams mr. col gouriou mr. donald m. mr. donald m. sando mr. eitan shamir mr. james kitfield mr. james thompson mr. john hargrove mr. kevin kampschroer mr. louie giglio mr. neil block mr. patrick j. murphy mr. randolph j. kranepuhl mr. robert g. thrower mr. robert williams mr. sando mr. ted sarandis mrap mrs. amata coleman radewagen mrs. debbie allyn mrs. eva aiken mrs. haight mrs. lisa goodwin mrs. perkins mrs. wesley ms. amanda r. simpson ms. ethalyn kirby ms. kyle bair and tammy kennedy maj. gen. h. r. mcmaster sexual assault awareness month kick off msg ernest kouma msg vincent melillo msg. raymond castillo mslc msloc msloc social msnbc multirole bridge mungadai challenge mural muscogee county musicians mwh mwr mwr exceptional family member program field day nacona oxendine napoleon bonaparte nathan nation infantry museum national american indian heritage month national armor and cavalry heritage foundation national day of prayer national guard national hispanic heritage month celebration national infantry national infantry museum national infantry museum's avenue of flags national infantry walk of honor national prayer breakfast national president national ranger memorial national ranger monument national transition summit national war college national war college. photos by patrick albright. nationalairborneday nationalinfantrymuseum naturalization ceremony united states citizens and immigration services uscis 3oth adjutant general battalion sand hill patrick a. albright naval staff college nco nco academy ncoa ncoy ncoy awards ceremony neighborhood neighborhoods neighboring fire departments neil block nett hall new years reception new york city firefighter new york times best seller new zealand army corps newt gingrich nfl nigeria nigerian delegation visit night at the museum themed reception nim nis no host no host social nocsoy noelle wiehe noncommissioned officer nonhazardous waste north columbus medical home north georgia college state university norwegian army chief of staff nothel barracks nov. 9 november nra nsa ntc o obstacle course obstacle courses obstacles patrick a. albright ochillee railhead ocs ocs anniversary ocs association ocs class 00615 ocs class 18003 ocs hall of fame ocs patrick a. albright oct 29 october october 12 october 16 in columbus. october 20 october 5 oef of officer officer candidate school officer candidate school arches dedication ceremony officer candidate school hall of fame and patterson award dinner officer candidate school hall of fame class 2014 officer candidate school hall of fame class 2015 offsiteatcallawaygardens oktoberfest old dominion old guard old martin army hospital old soldiers plaza site olson olympians olympic olympic games olympics one station unit training onsite conference opelika open house opening remarks operating room operation freedom sentinel operation gothic serpent mogadishu operation just cause operation united assistance operations sergeant major of the 199th infantry brigade optically optically tracked order of saint george order of saint maurice osm order of st. george order of st. george ceremony order of st. maurice order of the spur organization day ori i. avila osut osut graduation osut infantry advanced leaders course outdoor outdoors overflight overflights overview oxbow meadows environmental learning center p. w. singer pa1 paddleboat paddleboats pakistan army panther battalion pao parade field paratrooper paratroopers park partners in education pastor bill purvis pastor for cascade hills church pat pathfindercourse patrick patrick a albright patrick a. patrick a. abright patrick a. albright patrick a. albright best ranger competition patrick a. albright commanding general patrick a. albright wetherby field uso patrick a. albrightmcoe pao photographer patrick a. albrightmcoe pao photographer army birthday cake cutting patrick a.albright patrick albright patrick allbright patriot day patterson award patterson award dinner patton hall patton park patton range paver paver dedication paver dedication ceremony pavers peden field peney personally owned weapons safety shoot peruvian delegation peter dobson peter w. singer petraeus pfc eric woods pfc fredrick travis pfc. tyler payne ph.d.ranger class 517 phenix city philippine army photo by kristin molinaro photo by patrick a. albright photo by patrick a. albrightmcoe pao photographer photos by patrick a. albright photos by sue photos courtesy of ssg erik runnerstrom physical fitness physical training picnic pid engagement shoot pie pilgrims pine mountain georgia piper pistol plantation plaque plaques platelets across america platoon livefire training exercise platoon sergeant pomeroy field pool range popular cartoon portrait post cemetery powmia recognition day ceremony poydasheff ppp practice prayer breakfast presenters president lyndon b. johnson press conference prisoners of war during world ii between 1943 and 1946 proclamation prodigal soldiers project launch promotion promotion ceremony propane protection e xercise psoy pt pt challenge pt run public affairs puckett purple heart purple up day pv2 samuel joel taylor pvt. dakota beahn pvt. derrick tamanaha pvt. peter heaukulani qatari army quadrathon quartely excellence breakfast quarterly excellence breakfast quarters 2 quintas r r gen. burba r. radiological and nuclear raelynn raineymcculler school of the arts ramp jump randy randy couture range rangelandia2013 ranger ranger assessment phase ranger class 717 graduation ranger graduation ranger hall of fame ranger memorial ranger monument ranger physical assessment ranger physical fitness test ranger school ranger students ranger training brigade rangerqualified rangerqualified soldiers rangers rangerschool rangersinaction rangertraining ranges rap rap week rapid rapids rappel rappel tower rappell ray dalio rbest ranger competition rcw realistic tactical skills reception reception and gift exchange recognition recognition of excellence recognition of excellence breakfast recognition staff photo by taffy kellermcoe pao photographer recon recon lane reconnaissance and surveillance leaders course reconnaissance surveillance leaders course recreation recreation area recreational shooting complex recycling red red cloud range red cockaded woodpecker red cross redcockaded woodpecker rededication redeployment reebok spartan race reenlist reflagging ceremony regiment abolc regimental ballroom regimental room regimental room and ibar regional combined arms symposium remembrance remembrance service renewable solar energy project renovated renovation repelling representative jody hice rescue patrick a. albright reserve component career counselor of the year restrepo retire col. ralph puckett retired gen. gordon r. sullivan retired lieutenant general michael ferriter retired lt. gen. cavezza retired u.s. army col. keith a. landry retired u.s. army lt. gen. harold gregory hal moore jr retirement retirement ceremony retirer retires retiring soldiers rev. dr. richard wright rhitts rhof rials ribbon cutting ribbon cutting and dedication ceremony ribbon cutting ceremony ribbon cutting ceremony for airborne gas station and shoppette rice richy rosado rick atkinson ride on bikes ridgway hall rifle rigger of the year river river center rivercenter rivermill event centre riverplace assisted living community riverplace independent retirement living rivers riverside rj876 road march robert kiser robert m. speer robotic human type target demonstration robotics robotics rodeo robots rock romanians rookie olympics room clearing rope 1 high and low angle rope ii high lines rotc rotcrangerchallenge royal saudi land forces rpa rslc rtb rufus phillips run russ mott russ pond russel strand ruth range ryamizard ryacudu ryannewman safety safety conference saint george salute to service sanchez sand from san terenzo sand hill sand hill patton village express sando sanford bishop santa santa claus santa's castle elf run sante fe child development center sarah tate sarahbeth davis saudi arabian saudi arabian national guard savannah sbest ranger competition scalia schniglefritz school school age center schowalter hall scott fish scout competition scouts in action sebastian junger secretary of defense leon panetta secretary of homeland security secretary of the army reserve component career counselor year security security cooperation security force assistance brigade security forces assistance brigades sedena selby combined arms collective training facility range selby range senator bob dole senator daniel k. inouye senator daniel k. inouye field dedication ceremony senator david perdue senior sep 1 sept first september sergeant 1st class david h. rivera sergeant 1st class kenneth r. mudd sergeant audie murphy sergeant audie murphy club sergeant audie murphy club induction ceremony sergeant first class anthony fuentes sergeant major of the army sergeant major of the army a. daniel dailey sergeant major ronald l. green sergeants major gray seventh annual soldier marathon sfab sfac sfc sfc armstrong sfc binion sfc cecil pearson sfc christopher oliver sfc dodd sfc jacquelyn m. tripp sfc jeremy p. lemma sfc john b. melson sfc kenneth w. westbrook sfc lonnie parson sfc rosalio ramirez sfc scott and smith from the ranger training brigade. photos by patrick albright. sfc taylor sfc washington sfl sfltap sgm alan m. gibson sgm mark e. moore sgm michael mccoy sgm nestor v. rodriguez sgm roberto h. alvarez sgm stephan engel sgs sgt sgt crystal langgardner. sgt donald r. long sgt. 1st class donna schwan sgt. 1st class jacquelyn tripp sgt. 1st class jeremy lemma sgt. 1st class sheena blake sgt. 1st class timothy briggs sgt. 1st class zachary zuehlsdorf sgt. bryan anderson sgt. lee pieper sgt. maj. carlton kent sgt. maj. michael d. sanchez sgt. maj. murphy sgt. maj. of the united states marine corps sgt. maj. timothy metheny sgt. thomas block sgt. thomas paul block shakari bailey shakedown shaping the bright future of america sharp sharp take back the night awareness walk sharp training sherrie floyd shia labeouf shooter shooters shooting shotgun silver cross of honor silver star silver star presentation ceremony silver wings simmunitions simon sinek sims singers sky sledgehammer field sling load small arms championship small arms initiative smith smith fitness center smith gym smith hourly smiths gym sniper course sniper teams snipercompetition soccer social soft opening armor gallery soldier soldier and family assistance center soldier for life soldier for life center soldier for life center grand opening soldier for life tour patrick a. albright soldier for life transition assistance program soldier marathon soldier's medal presentation to 2nd lt robert fetters soldiers soldiers and civilians from the maneuver center of excellence recently participated in a bike ride across post. photos by sue ulibarri soldiers center soldiers medal soldiers of 198th infantry brigade train prior to the maneuver center excellence post combatives tournament. photos by sue ulibarri soldiers of c troop 515 cav. photos by patrick albright. soldiers of fox company 5th squadron 15 cavalry regiment 194th armored brigade conduct tdc training. photos by patrick albright somalia sos south america. southeast region dentac bwoy competition soy spain spartan race spc jimmy holschuh spc turner speaker of the house representatives speaks spearhead special olympics of georgia special operations command chaplain speed bag spies spies special patrol insertion extraction system spirit of america spirit of the infantry award sports spouse spouses spur ride spur ride squad squad weapons leaders squad weapons leaders course squadron commander of the 2nd ssg ssg christopher walters ssg derrick c. gosney ssg gernot bender ssg john a. hilburn ssg joseph p. markley ssg joseph r. kozlinski ssg krueger ssg mcadoo ssg paul tharaldsen ssg robert kennedy ssg william moore st. george ball stable call stafdel staff sgt. adam marzan staff sgt. daniel horner staff sgt. david mensink staff sgt. douglas keilholtz staff sgt. hedges staff sgt. jeffery dawson staff sgt. michael r. guza staff sgt. sean boyd staff sgt. zita staff sgt.rick zamora staffdel standardize curriculums star state and federal law enforcement state of fort benning static line arkman jumpmaster statue stem stephanie steve cannon steve martin stewardship stewart watson field stress shoot strong stryker stryker master gunner students sue ulibarri suhyoon wood suicide prevention walk sullivan cup sullivan cup ice breaker sullivan memorial blood center super heroes survivor outreach services survivor outreach services center susanna averylynch susanna lynch swiss journalist swlc sykespicot agreement symposium t. col james e. hayes tactical tactical combatives tactical foot march tactics taffy keller taffy steinborn kellemcoe pao photographer taffy steinborn keller taffy steinborn keller mcoe pao photographer taffy steinborn kellermcoe pao photographer taffy steinbornekeller tailgate taiwan army tajikistan luncheon talbot county school talbotton tampa bay buccaneers tank tank gunnery tank talk tanker tankers tanks tap taps target shooting task force 128 task force 1st battalion tax center team team championship team members team photos teams tech 5 jessie v. davis technology techonlogy ted sarandis template tenant units teresa piketomlinson teresa tomlinson texas tf 128 thanksgiving thanksgiving dinner and cultural event the 14th csh kfor 22 the 198th infantry brigade the 199th infantry brigade the 1st battalion the 2015 u.s. soldier show the 317th veterans group the 507th parachute infantry regiment the acting under secretary of army the armor basic officer leader course the armor school the army university the battle of ia drang valley the benning club the brigade combat team trauma training the columbus georgia convention and trade center the columbus lions indoor football team the command sgt. maj. william j. joe gainey cup scout competition the council on foreign relations the david e. grange jr. best ranger competition the downing mile the eli young band the fiddlers green the field of four chaplains the fort benning fire department the fort benning observance of national prayer breakfast the henry caro noncommissioned officers academy graduated its first armored advance leaders course 19 deltas and kilos sue ulibarri fort benning the history channel the honorable christopher p. lu the honorable debra wada visit the honorable judge maureen gottfried the honorable less brownlee the honorable ryan mccarthy the infantryman the lt. dan band the main post px the maneuver center of excellence the maneuver center of excellence band the mcoe band the national hispanic heritage month observation the national infantry museum the perfect storm the river center the river mill event center the royal netherlands army the spartan ranger challenge the springer opera house the stryker master gunner course the u.s. army armor school the u.s. army chaplain corps the u.s. army military advisor training academy the united states the united states army infantry school the university of alabama at birmingham thomas j. ridge three position thunderbolt tingchung tire flip title tiya tobyhanna army depot technicians todd field tom brady tomlinson top torch lighting ceremony tourfortbenning tow tow 2b tower lighting tower lighting ceremony tower week town tracked tradoc commanders forum tradoc commanding general training training and leadership training exercise transition assistance center transition summit trap treadmills tree trees trees for troops trench triple nickels trooper of the plains trunk or treat ttb voyager tube launched tubelaunched opticallytracked wireguided tucson turkey bowel turkey bowl tuscon twas the night before christmas two twoperson ranger team tyler bryant u. s. army forces command u. s. army was the keynote speaker. u. s. department of homeland security u.s. army u.s. army airborne school u.s. army airborne test platoon u.s. army central command chaplain u.s. army chief of staff u.s. army chief of staff gen mark a. milley u.s. army dental activity u.s. army maneuver center of excellence u.s. army marksmanship unit u.s. army mata u.s. army medical department center and school u.s. army soldiers u.s. army vice chief of staff gen. lloyd j. austin iii u.s. armys stryker brigade combat team u.s. department of homeland security u.s. marine corps u.s. military u.s. military academy mens boxing team u.s. navy uas uchee creek uditorium uh60 black hawk helicopters ultramarathon runners unclassified under secretary of the army unified land operations union tabernacle youth group united kingdom foreign liaison officer united kingdom lno farewell united stat united states army united states army armor school united states army armor school commandant united states army dental activity united states army infantry school united states army infantry school commandant united states army sniper school united states infantry school united states longest war united states marine corps united states marine corps detachment united states military academy cadets university of kentucky university of oklahoma us us army us army airborne students conduct training at ground branch with alpha company us army chief of chaplains us army chief of chaplains is the guest speaker at fort benning observance national prayer breakfast us army marksmanship unit us marines usa usa shooting usaarms usag change of responsibility ceremony usais usameddac usamu usarmy va clinic va secretary robert mcdonald valentines for vets vanessa camera vcsa vcsa gen. lloyd j. austin vehiclemachinery vendors veterans veterans day ceremony 2010 veterans day observance veterans day parade veterans memorial veterans memorial middle school vice chief of staff the army vice csa allyn vice provost for academic affairs victory pond victory pond. video vietnam vietnam wall dedication vietnam war vietnam war memorial wall village villages vincent hancock vincent melillo visit visiting international student visits vladimir volunteer awards ceremony volunteer of excellence awards voyager field w.c bradley co. wagner range walk of honor wall of heroes war war dog memorial ware range warfighting warrant officer corps warrior care covenant warrior games warrior games camp warrior leader course warrior training center warrior training center rappel tower warrior transition battalion warrior transition battalion covenant signing ceremony warrior transition bn water survival testing water survival testingr wcusa we were soldiers once weapons weapons testing weatherby field wegwu welcome brief welcome social welfare and recreation west central georgia west point western hemisphere western hemisphere institute for security cooperation wetherby field whinsec whitewater rafting whitney william j. joe gainey william m. bewley williams wingapalooza concert wire guided tow antitank missile system wmd kennels women women's equality day womens equality day womens equality day celebration womens history month observance woodpeckers working dog retirement world world cup world trade center world war i world war ii world war ii airborne demonstration team world war ii rosie the riveter social worldtradecenter wreath laying ceremony wtb wtc wtu wwii veterans xm18 yh902 york field york field. young harris zabrodsky zarudnitskiy zita
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